Saturday, 16 November 2013

assalamualaikum,its been 2 years i didnt wrote anything here.so much thing happen in my life..some are good some are bad but i know allah already plan a beautiful journey for me..im really thankful for what i am now,alhamdulillah..For your information,i was a microbiology student but now i have my own label!! mashallah,its too far apart rite.yeah i know!! its been rough years to convince my parent about my new life but alhamdulillah,everything goes smoothly rite now...owh yeah,ive been out of love,then been propose n be out of love again and now im in love again..hurmm i never been lucky in love..i just hope a better future  coz i i know he one of a kind.pray fo me habibti..

so this is me after 2 years,yeahh,m gaining weight alot :(
n im wearing my design  :)


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